Below are some of the testimonials and reviews from a handful of our happy customers. Over the years we have focused on Quality and Customer Support. We love to hear from our Customers about how MirageVision has enhanced their outdoor business & entertainment experience.

sls resort and casino

Ken Catron - Director of IT for SLS Resort and Casino

Dale Potts, President/CEO of Global Outdoor Concepts makers of the MirageVision TV, is pictured here poolside at one of the many cabanas featuring MirageVision Outdoor TVs. Ken Catron, Director of IT at the SLS Resort and Casino, said that the owner of the SLS was so impressed by our Mirage Vision Outdoor TVs that he purchased 3 TVs for his private residence. Global Outdoor Concepts was chosen by the SLS to custom retrofit all of their Samsung hospitality TVs at their outdoor pool, bar and cabanas, turning them into MirageVision Outdoor TVs. This is accomplished by using the Samsung Hospitality TVs as donor TVs and turning them into MirageVision Outdoor (weatherized) Ultra-Bright TVs. The SLS Hotel and Casino is considered a Boutique Hotel, and is one of the newest and most ultra-modern hotels in Las Vegas. We are proud to have our unique Outdoor TV Technology displayed at the SLS Hotel and Casino.

–SLS Hotel and Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada

animal planet

Animal Planet

"We needed TV monitors that would withstand the outdoor elements and most importantly be viewable in direct sunlight. Our application was for one of our 10 day outdoor events held on the Las Vegas Strip. These TV’s were used to play segments of our new TV series titled “Wild Recon.” Even though the MirageVision Outdoor TVs were not made nor warranted to be “waterproof” and it is very rare to get 3 inches of rain in Las Vegas…yes the rarity did happen, we received hard rain for over 3 days. The TV’s ran day and night, rain and shine. The MirageVision Outdoor TVs performed flawlessly and the picture quality was awesome. We are glad that we purchased the MirageVision Outdoor TVs and we intend to use them on other outdoor events."

–Animal Planet Staff
Las Vegas, Nevada

texas stadium

"Texas Tech University Stadium Utilizes over 50 Outdoor TVs from MirageVision. TVs survived a rainstorm that flooded the field."

Texas Tech University Stadium flood
Texas Tech University Stadium flood
Texas Tech University Stadium flood
memphis zoo

The Memphis Zoo

"We installed your 80″ Mirage Vision Outdoor TV at our Dinosaur Exhibit and it has performed perfectly. The personnel at our IT dept. just love it…thanks Global for a great product."

–The Memphis Zoo
Memphis, Tennessee



"We chose the Mirage Vision televisions to use as display units in our unique custom vehicles and we are extremely satisfied with their performance…” (Spevco is one of the industry leaders in the fabrication and manufacturing of Specialty Mobile Vehicles. They have designed and manufactured specialty mobile vehicles for the US Military, NASCAR, Disney, Carnival Cruise Lines, Cocoa Cola, and Mobile Medical Hospital Units)

–Special Vehicles Company (SPEVCO)